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We're here to help...patients, families, students, and our community

The Sacred Journey Hospice Foundation is a non-profit affiliate of Sacred Journey Hospice. We strive to make a difference with the patients and families, the community, and the world in which we live.


We serve families of hospice patients that have special needs. Whether it is a crisis with utilities, food for the table, or even helping to make a final wish come true... we try to help.

We serve our community by educating individuals and families about the hospice and by providing support for hospice nurses , CNAs and other staff. When a specific need arises within our community... we try to help.

We serve the world by providing scholarship help for students heading for careers in the medical field, by making contributions to groups working hard to prevent or find cures for many diseases. When we find a worthwhile cause... we try to help. 



It's a place of healing, hope, and fun where children ages 6-16 learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one. This free day-long camp is available not only for our hospice families, but any child in the community who needs help. At Camp Horizon, kids enjoy fun activities as well as lessons and projects prepared by our bereavement counselors designed to help them explore their feelings related to loss and develop coping skills and strategies.

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